4 Things a DWI Accident Lawyer Will Do for Clients

A DWI can change a person’s life. It may put them in jail, and it will certainly cause them to lose thousands of dollars. Not only that, the charges will stay on their record, making it harder to get a job. If a person finds themselves in this situation, they should consider these factors and get help from a DWI Accident Lawyer as soon as possible.

The State Will Act Quickly

After a DWI arrest, a driver only has a short time to request an administrative hearing. During this step, the defendant will get important information that may help them catch the officer on some of the case’s elements. Memories fade and people forget things, and because the person was intoxicated at the time of the arrest, they should talk to an attorney right away.

They’ll Look at Everything

DWI lawyers have handled hundreds of these cases and know how every factor may affect a case. The attorney will review the details of the arrest, which includes ensuring the arresting officer’s compliance with state laws. If there were witnesses, the lawyer will interview them as well. Using the information they gather, the attorney may be able to gain an advantage for the client.

They’ll Help With License Suspension

When a person faces DWI charges, they risk a short- or long-term suspension of their driver’s license. In some cases, a lawyer may be able to help them avoid a lengthy suspension. DWI attorneys know the system well and understand what to do to help a client get their license back sooner.

They’ll Fight for the Client’s Rights

Considering the seriousness of DWI charges, a defendant shouldn’t take any chances with their freedom. The moment they hire an attorney, though, their freedom will be taken very seriously. A lawyer will inform the client of their rights, help them understand every potential outcome, and do what they can to minimize any consequences.

In Closing

Hiring a DWI lawyer is a smart decision, considering the seriousness of the charges. Court-appointed lawyers don’t focus on DWI cases and may not provide an adequate defense. Call the firm to schedule an appointment and discuss legal options.